Zoning in La Marque

Zoning Districts

Zoning districts are established to promote compatible patterns of land use within the city limits. Zoning districts also establish site development regulations and performance standards appropriate to the purposes and the uses allowed in each district.

Distinct zoning districts exist for residential, office, retail and industrial uses. Furthermore, specific use restrictions, site development regulations or performance standards may apply to zoning districts combined with a special overlay or combining districts.

The City of La Marque enacted a zoning resolution in 2005.

GIS Zoning Map

City of La Marque Zoning Map

Zoning Types

The City of La Marque currently has 10 zoning types:

  • Single Family Dwelling
  • Two Family Dwelling
  • Multiple Family Dwelling
  • Agriculture District
  • General Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Light Industrial
  • Manufactured Home Park
  • Public Use
  • Restricted Commercial

Zoning Process

As part of the zoning process, appropriate land uses for an area are identified based on such factors as:

  • Access to a site
  • Density
  • Environmental concerns
  • Height of a proposed project
  • Intensity
  • Overall compatibility
  • Surrounding land uses
  • Traffic impacts

Zoning Changes

Zoning changes may be required for a change of land use or alteration of a building or site within the city limits. To determine whether a zoning change is required please email Development Services or call at 409-938-9204.