Register for an Evacuation Ride


Living in a hurricane evacuation zone (of which La Marque is), and you have special health care or transportation needs, you need to make extra efforts to get ready for hurricane season. Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and continues through November 30.  It is critical that you begin now to make your evacuation plans, prepare an emergency kit and learn evacuation routes. This should be done well in advance.

LM211 - La Marque Citizens' Special Healthcare Needs Registry

If you have special healthcare needs and live in La Marque, register for the LM211 notification group. This group will be used by La Marque staff to check on you before, during, and after an emergency event to ensure that you do not have any special healthcare needs. If you require medical assistance or do not have anyone to help you evacuate during an emergency, you should also register for this notification group. It is important to register as soon as possible. Text #lm211 to 38276 to sign up on your mobile phone. or click on the group LM211 when you register for emergency notifications (

Dial 211 - State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry 

Operators answering the phones at 211 are prepared to help you register for transportation and special assistance before hurricane season begins. Or feel free to call if you have any questions about registering.

If you have special health care needs, register by dialing 211: Gulf coast residents with special health care needs (including those who are disabled or medically fragile) who live in evacuation zones and do not have friends or family to help in an evacuation should register for a ride in advance by dialing 211. The 211 registries must be dialed in advance. Do not wait until a storm is in the Gulf to register for assistance. This service is for people who cannot drive or make transportation arrangements.

Also, if you do not have a car or other vehicle and you cannot get a ride with friends, neighbors, or family, register in advance for a ride.


For tips on how to prepare for a hurricane, please visit the following websites:

Who Should Register?

  • People with disabilities
  • People who are medically fragile
  • People with access and functional needs such as:
  • People who have limited mobility
  • People who have communication barriers
  • People who require additional medical assistance during an emergency event
  • People who require transportation assistance
  • People who require personal care assistance