Fire Department

  1. Apparatus

    Take a look at the current fire trucks in use by the La Marque Fire Department.

  2. Children's Birthday Visits

    Learn how to request for the La Marque Fire and Rescue Service to come to you birthday party.

  3. Hydrant Flush & Maintenance

    Discover how the La Marque Fire Department stays prepared and ready for a fire by flushing and maintaining fire hydrants around town.

  4. LMFD Station 1

    Discover that the La Marque Fire Station is considered a designated emergency infant care provider location.

  5. Mission Statement

    Discover the goals, objectives and overall mission statement for the La Marque Fire Department.

  6. Insurance Rating

    The current Insurance Service Office (ISO) classification for the city of La Marque is class III.

  7. Promotions/New Interns

    Meet our newly promoted Captains, Engineer and Interns.