Investigative Services Division

CID HeaderThe La Marque Police Criminal Investigation Division (CID) is the investigative branch of the Police Department. CID handles a majority of Felony investigations and supports the Patrol Division. The division is commanded by Lieutenant Forrest Gandy (Click here for his contact information) and consists of the following:

  • Major Crimes – All crimes that are serious in nature, such as murder, robbery, firearm offenses, and serious aggravated assaults.
  • Property Crimes – All crimes against property, to include theft, burglary, and shoplifting.
  • Fraud/Identity Theft Crimes – All Crimes involving fraudulent use of credit cards, fraudulent checks, forgery, counterfeit currency, fraudulent use of stolen identity, and internet and telephone scams.
  • Family Violence Crimes – All crimes against persons in dating, marital, romantic and family relationships, to include violence and threats of violence.
  • Crimes Against Children – All crimes against children, to include sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, and trafficking of children.
  • Narcotics/Vice – All crimes related to drug trafficking, drug sales, drug possession, drug use, gambling, prostitution, promotion of prostitution, and trafficking of individuals.   All crimes related to criminal street gangs.
  • Auto Theft – Crimes related to burglary of vehicles, theft of motor vehicles, unauthorized use of motor vehicles, and auto related crimes.

Identification Officer & Evidence Custodian

The La Marque Police Department Identification Officer is responsible for the receipt and storage of property and evidence retained by Department personnel.  The Department's Identification Officer and Evidence Custodian is Detective M. Cypert. He can be reached at 409-938-9221.