Mission Statement & Values


We, the members of the La Marque Police Department are devoted to our community by providing excellence in police services. In our responsibility to protect our citizens we continually strive to build lasting partnerships. It is in those partnerships that improve the quality of life for all in the City of La Marque. Our dedication is to ensure safety, prevent and solve crime, and reduce the fear of crime.


To accomplish the mission of the La Marque Police Department we hold these values that guide our work and decisions:

  • Considering problem-solving as a key trait for all agency members
  • Continuous efforts to develop creative and effective crime control strategies to reduce crime and the fear of crime within our city
  • Continuous process improvement to enhance productivity and quality of services provided by our agency
  • Developing and embracing accountability within all members of our agency
  • Embracing the continuous need to enhance the quality of life in our community
  • Supporting and developing a mutual trust between our agency and those we serve
  • Supporting and embracing interactive management and the extensive use of teams as a central theme throughout our agency
  • Understanding the vigorous and continuous need to develop and maintain a genuine proactive and positive partnership between our agency and our community


Our motto is "Integrity, Respect, Dedication."